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Academy of Motion Pictures to honor Mary Blair

The lasting influence of Disney artist Mary Blair will be celebrated through an examination of her concept artwork for "Cinderella," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan" in the 1950s during "Mary Blair’s World of Color: A Centennial Tribute," the latest installment of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Marc Davis Celebration of Animation, on Thursday, October 20, at 7:30 p.m. at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Several of today’s top animation talents will discuss Blair’s work as an artist and stylist and will also demonstrate how her work has influenced their own. The panel will be moderated by animation critic and film historian Charles Solomon.
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I've always been impressed by her work and I think it's such a great thing to honor her. It's so sad that so much of her work ended up just in the Disney archives and lots of people never saw it. Although I also love that she was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty. I JUST LOVE MARY BLAIR WHAT A BAMF. PLS DISCUSS!

intelligent reviews of Disney films

So I have no idea if anyone will be as excited about this as I was, but I recently came across the movie blog Antagony & Ecstasy, the author of which did a series where he went back and reviewed every movie in the Disney animated canon (and a few other Disney movies as well). The reviews are intelligent and really well written, but what I like best about them is the way most of them open with information on what was going on in the studio at the time - sort of a way of presenting the movies in their historical context. I especially enjoyed his review of Song of the South.

Through the above linked page you can also find the other Disney posts he's made, such as The Ten Best Lyrics in Howard Ashman Songs.
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-I only invited people that were on the F_secrets thread, or people I know are interested in Disney. Invite any friends you think would be interested!

Just Disney nerd it out, or share your comments/suggestions/excitement!
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If you were invited here, either it's because you were a part of this thread or because you are familiar with a certain lj Disney crowd.

This community is a response to a need that seems to exist of people who want to talk about Disney in a safe place for in depth discussion and analysis.
This isn't an elite Disney discussion of any kind, but it is for people who are longing for a place to talk Disney where discussion is not about stan/princess/ship wars, or about favorites and careful princess sensibilities. There isn't going to be any pettiness in the discussion and we're not here to police your Disney internet experience.

People can and should discuss here if they are interested and informed in what Disney is and what its history and legacy implies to a lot of people around the world. If they are hungry for knowledge and discussion of how Disney works and what its creations involve.
That being said, discussion should also be taken lightly, with a grain of salt and for entertainment/educational purposes. NEVER should there be anyone taking offense on how lightly someone takes something or how seriously someone else does. Even if someone takes it lightly, or if they are very intense about something, ultimately everyone is here because you love Disney and have an honest interest in it. Keep that in mind.

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