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Waking Sleeping Beauty

So one of the questions I asked on that fateful original thread was "Is this documentary film worth watching, and worth the money I paid for it?"

The overwhelming response was "YES YES YES WATCH IT NOW."

So I have.

I just finished watching it and all of the bonus material, and while I think I'll have to watch it several more times to be able to really put it all into a coherent bit of information in my head, I can already see why the response was so overwhelmingly positive. It's a beautiful film just from a visual and auditory standpoint.

But I'm not a film student, so that's all I'll say about that.

What I really want to talk about is the emotion that went behind every bit of it, from the love for the films they made at the time, to the love they had for each other. I nearly teared up myself watching Michael Eisner speak at Frank Wells' memorial service, and then again during the bonus scene "Losing Howard." I never even knew Howard Ashman was dead before watching this, and to be introduced to this fact by watching people who worked with and basically adored him talk about how brilliant and dedicated he was... to say it was "moving" would be probably the biggest understatement of my life.

(In my defense, sort of, I've only recently become interested in Disney history, and I was young when Ashman died, eleven years old. So no stoning?)

I came away from this film wishing someone at the current Disney company would have the faith Roy E. Disney had in the animation department, and the attitude Eisner had when he told Barbara Walters "No [we can't afford to do this], but we're doing it anyway [...] because we have to."

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