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Well, someone will need a run to the shop

Cars 2 is officially the first Pixar film to receive a "rotten" score on Rotten tomatoes.


It's not that I was expecting something wildly different. But those numbers are truly disheartening, and I worry that they are a sign of bigger problems within Disney, tbh.

Frank Wells said it once during the Renaissance era: “they need a big failure.” and it’s because these people do get used to people worshipping the ground they walk on. Because they get used to hearing amazing things about everything they do. And suddenly that’s not good enough so they have to take on an attitude where they start to think they _know_ what people want to see, they know what audiences and critics are willing to fap to and they throw it in our faces because they can.

I’m not saying that Cars 2 isn't be an okay film. It is probably an okay film, and I’m not saying that Pixar isn’t allowed to make okay films, they are. What they aren’t allowed to do, is to make a mediocre effort of a film to give a handjob to John Lasseter’s ego and pass it off as what people want to see. Half the people in that side of Disney ALREADY know what happened the last time they did that and it’s borderline fucking offensive to see them do it all over again.

And I will also say, that things will only improve if (and that is a huge ass if) Brave succeeds next year. Because if it doesn’t for whatever reason, rest assured that Disney will NEVER admit that the new management for both studios has put half the effort into making prime quality films for ALL audiences with female leads, than they’ve put into selling Cars 2 as anything other than what it really is. They will say that it’s female leads that don’t move billions of dollars in the box office and in merch, while totally ignoring that the Disney Princess franchise moves just about that with merch alone every year and could singlehandedly finance a film a year with a female lead.

I love the merge and I truly have my heart out to believe in it. The merge is a good thing and it can produce fantastic work for both studios. I only talk about them in this way because I care. Probably too much, and probably for way too long. But I regret nothing.
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